JE Screenprints at Multiples


Jakmel Ekspresyon, JE, has partnered with Multiples Art and Critical Craft Market in Chicago on March 15th and 16th. Multiples is the first market of its kind that is based on the concept that art and craft have been artificially separated and has gathered artists who traverse the borders between fine art and craft art. JE’s art from the screen printing program seeks to present art activism and social entrepreneurship, through multiples, that can raise the voice of the disenfranchised artist to the public realm and create change in local depressed economies.

Multiples has also made JE the beneficiary of the event. The suggested donation of $5 at the door will help support the center. So even if you just show up to check out any of the 60 amazing midwestern artists, you will be helping the artists in Jacmel.

If you are in Chicago this weekend come and visit us at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse,1419 W Blackhawk str. Walk away with a great screen print and the warm feeling of helping someone else. If you can’t make it this weekend you can still support the center by making a donation.

Maryland Institute College of Art Comes to Jacmel

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This month we had four visitors from Maryland Institute College of Art visit us in Jacmel. Ken Krafchek, Paula Phillips, Gracie Xavier, and Anne Kotleba. These amazing teachers ran classes in collage, digital photography, mono printing and story telling.

We had over forty students for classes in mono-printing, digital photography and drawing/collage. At least a third of the students were women and ages ranged from 15 to late 30′s. Some of the students from the film school came for the photography class, which really added to and created dynamic critiques. We had one man who had come to contract screen printing work, join the mono-printing class. A favorite moments was watching Maritza (my current favorite student) excel in mono printing. She is quiet and dedicated. The first to show up and the last to leave. Another is when the lights went out during class, the students got out flashlights and kept working to the amazement of the teachers. There was no stopping these students from learning. On the final day of class all the students put up their work and one student from each class was chosen to present the work to the other classes. The students decided to do some performances for the “show” as well. A local gay activist complimented JE on truly presenting a space of non-discrimination and said that it was great to see so many youth embracing the mission. He felt like change was happening. It was excited to see that we had such a mix of members from the beginning and new members embracing the space as theirs and the community that is building within those walls. Even members that were not taking classes came every night to hang out and see what was happening.

Making a Difference in 2014!

62617_540763099311063_645033609_nThis year we have had so many successes. We started a new job market in Jacmel and created nine job for our members. Some of these members have been with us since the beginning three years ago and are now experiencing the benefits of being apart of the center’s community. We have a full week of workshops run by motivated local artists. We are housing a Haitian disabled rights organization and a theater group. We have members running clubs such as a movie night.

These accomplishments will only grow in 2014 as we start to incorporate more professionalism and health classes. Now we need your help to continue in 2014. We are raising money for rent. Our building is our foundation and we need it to stay alive and continue to make a difference.

During this holiday season consider giving the gift that keeps giving. Even ten dollars gets us closer to our goal and helps our members advance their personal life goals.  Thank you!

In Memoriam: Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

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“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Nelson Mandela

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Graduation Gallery Show

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This past Saturday was a big step for JE. We held our first graduation for members who completed the screen printing program. These members will be earning a living from this skill, this month. Students are already developing work with local dance groups and non-profit organizations. With Christmas around the corner this is a great time to start a business. We are so proud of everyone who took the class and the work they did. The pictures hung in the gallery are works by the artists throughout the program. They also did a live screen printing demonstration and screen printed for anyone who brought a t-shirt. It was a beautiful night for everyone.

We will be continuing this program with a new class of students in 2014. We can’t do it without you. Programming like this relies on donations from people who believe in community effort and giving people resources to reach their true potential. Donate now and help us give this opportunity to a new group of deserving Haitian artists.

Thank you to Burners Without Borders and Ryonet screenprinting company for helping to fund this program.


Graduation Time!

Graduation Gallery openingThis Saturday we will be celebrating the students who completed the screen printing program. All the students are pitching in by hanging the show, playing music and doing live screen printing. Anyone in Jacmel will be able to bring a t-shirt, see how screen printing works and get a free print! Thank you everyone for helping us make this dream come true. Our graduates will now have the ability to make money with this new skill. Please help us keep the building open and run next year’s print program by donating. Even five dollars makes a difference. All donations are tax-deductible thanks to our Sponsor the Frame Family Foundation. Also big thanks to Burners Without Borders for helping to fund this program.

Clifford Santerre: The Promoter

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Clifford Santerre joined JE through the screen printing program. He has had perfect attendance and never was late. Clifford is a professor of basic computer skills and works with another non-profit. He is a role model at JE now for his kind words, work ethic and creativity. Clifford appreciates the center for its philosophy of non-descrimination and community involvement. During a mid-term meeting with the Director and students he expressed how important it is to have free accessible classes for artists who could not otherwise afford it. Now he is working in a volunteer capacity with the Administrator as the local promoter for the center. JE would not survive without the motivation of students and the local community like the efforts of members like Clifford. His dream is to create a business with screen printing and take care of his family.