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New Website!

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The Webcrew for JE has been working to re-brand and launch a new website. This week we have activated the website and it is ready for everyone to enjoy. Our goals were to make the information more accessible to our followers as well as show who we are now. After four years of serving the community we have grown. The community has grown and we have more community involvement than ever. This site is still just the next step and we will be adding more content for everyone to enjoy and explore. Visit often to see all the new developments. If you are interested in getting involved we have a number of options on the “Get Involved” page.

The new website is also connected to our new fiscal sponsor, Fractures Altas. JE is now a project of Fractured Atlas and all donations are tax deductible through our easy to use Donate Buttons. As we push forward we need your support more than ever. Currently we are shipping supplies to Haiti and are raising money for rent. Please consider even a small donation that helps Haitians make a difference in their own community.

Visit us at jecenter.org

BIG THANKS to Steve Raden, Marie Walz and Fred Hickler!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

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The duality of life in Haiti can be shocking sometimes. Haiti is in the midsts of a debilitating epidemic. Chickungunya is spreading like wild fire with over 110,000 suspected cases present in Haiti in the past couple months. It is severely debilitating with a rash, high fevers and joint pain. The name actually translates to, “bent over”. The virus only hits once but the person suffering can experience reaccurances of the original virus for up to two years.  This is not just a “low resource” country problem but has been reported in Tennessee. There is no cure and much of the southeast harbors the two mosquito types that carry Chikungunya. Educator yourself by reading the CDC reports that list the states that currently have reported cases.

During all this craziness, Haitians push forward. This is one of the reasons why I respect this culture so much. This is truly a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” kind of country. Everyone I know is pushing through with what they have to. The amazing part for me is that our members are doing screen printing jobs. Two long term community members, Luckenson and Christien, have just succeeded in hosting a three day film festival for the children in Lafond. Painting and drawing class, taught by Lee Rainboth is exploring figurative drawing with proportions and the development of hand/eye coordination. Lafalaise is teaching design in the screen printing program. They are working on lighting and movement.

So at the end of the day I am so proud of the team in Haiti and how they push through some of the most difficult circumstances. Please help support these motivated people and donate! Even twenty dollars makes a difference in our ability to continue moving forward.

Making a Difference in 2014!

62617_540763099311063_645033609_nThis year we have had so many successes. We started a new job market in Jacmel and created nine job for our members. Some of these members have been with us since the beginning three years ago and are now experiencing the benefits of being apart of the center’s community. We have a full week of workshops run by motivated local artists. We are housing a Haitian disabled rights organization and a theater group. We have members running clubs such as a movie night.

These accomplishments will only grow in 2014 as we start to incorporate more professionalism and health classes. Now we need your help to continue in 2014. We are raising money for rent. Our building is our foundation and we need it to stay alive and continue to make a difference.

During this holiday season consider giving the gift that keeps giving. Even ten dollars gets us closer to our goal and helps our members advance their personal life goals.  Thank you!


Membership of JE: Jean Gilles

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Over the next couple of weeks we will be featuring the members of JE so you can get to know our community.  Our first artist is Jean Gilles. He has taken many of the workshops at JE over the past … Continue reading

Max Tzinman Show at Atlantic Gallery Opening Reception Nov 1st- POSTPONED to Nov 8


This show is postponed until November 8th because of damage from Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully the Atlantic Gallery is only with out power and the art inside is not damaged. Other galleries in the neighborhood were not so lucky.

Join  Max Tzinman  for the opening of his show “Adrift”  on Thursday at Atlantic Gallery  in New York City. Max has donated the title piece of his show “Adrift” to a silent auction, with the benefits going to Jakmel Ekspresyon.

Join him and many others on November 1st from 4-8pm at 548 W 28th Street, Suite 540, New York, NY (weather permitting). Please check the website for   Atlantic Gallery for updated information.

If you can’t be there in person, check out the show here in a 360 degree panorama. Check out the full press release for more info: Adrift Press Release

Max Tzinman Show at Atlantic Gallery 10/30-11/24 NYC

We are happy to announce that Max Tzinman  will be showing his paintings at Atlantic Gallery  in New York City. Max has donated the title piece of his show “Adrift” to a silent auction, with the benefits going to Jakmel Ekspresyon.

Join him and many others on November 1st from 4-8pm at 548 W 28th Street, Suite 540, New York, NY.

Max explains his work in this way:

 I am not a photographer or a conventional painter but an image storyteller. I am not trying to freeze the moment with a beautiful image, but to transform it to reveal the complex and deep emotions that lie buried beneath the surface.

Come and bid on “Adrift (Sunday Afternoon)” and send some money our way!

Check out the full press release for more info: Adrift Press Release

We have a winner!

Congratulations Michelle Raz! She is our randomly selected winner of a pair of tickets to Ra Ra Yo! the Jakmel Ekspresyon fundraiser this Wednesday.

Congratulate her in person at Martyr’s. We’ll have some great music for a good cause. Don’t forget, you can get advance tickets for $10 from http://www.martyrslive.com/