JE showing student work in Chicago, Oct 17-19




We are excited to add some Haitian art to the Chicago scene. Jakmel Ekspresyon is the beneficiary of the Multiples Indie Crafts and Art Fair on October 17th, 18th and 19th. This means that every person that walks through the front door and donates will be helping JE push forward into the future with more funding. So tell all your Chicago friends to stop by! There are over a hundred vendors that include print media, arts, literature, a bicycle alley, local food, music and so much more. Multiples has also donated a booth so we can share the students Haitian art with you. Click here to check out the website for more information and see you at the show.

New Website!

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The Webcrew for JE has been working to re-brand and launch a new website. This week we have activated the website and it is ready for everyone to enjoy. Our goals were to make the information more accessible to our followers as well as show who we are now. After four years of serving the community we have grown. The community has grown and we have more community involvement than ever. This site is still just the next step and we will be adding more content for everyone to enjoy and explore. Visit often to see all the new developments. If you are interested in getting involved we have a number of options on the “Get Involved” page.

The new website is also connected to our new fiscal sponsor, Fractures Altas. JE is now a project of Fractured Atlas and all donations are tax deductible through our easy to use Donate Buttons. As we push forward we need your support more than ever. Currently we are shipping supplies to Haiti and are raising money for rent. Please consider even a small donation that helps Haitians make a difference in their own community.

Visit us at

BIG THANKS to Steve Raden, Marie Walz and Fred Hickler!

Experts to investigate possible wreckage of Columbus ship Santa Maria

Finding history in Haiti.

Repeating Islands

Santa Maria (Columbus Expedition) [LIMITED to 500px]

A team of experts will check to see if wreckage off Haiti’s coast is Christopher Columbus’ ship, the Santa Maria, Delila James reports for the Science Recorder.

The United Nations’ cultural and scientific agency, UNESCO, announced Monday that a team of experts will look at a site off the northern coast of Haiti to see if wreckage found there belongs to the flagship Santa Maria, one of Christopher Columbus’ famous three vessels to arrive in the Americas: the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

UNESCO officials said a technical team will investigate the site in the coming months at the request of the government of Haiti, the Associated Press (AP) reports. Spokeswoman Agnes Bardon said that agreeing to send a team of experts does not mean UNESCO is confirming that the wreckage is from the Santa Maria.

Well-known undersea explorer and treasure hunter Barry Clifford said…

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

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The duality of life in Haiti can be shocking sometimes. Haiti is in the midsts of a debilitating epidemic. Chickungunya is spreading like wild fire with over 110,000 suspected cases present in Haiti in the past couple months. It is severely debilitating with a rash, high fevers and joint pain. The name actually translates to, “bent over”. The virus only hits once but the person suffering can experience reaccurances of the original virus for up to two years.  This is not just a “low resource” country problem but has been reported in Tennessee. There is no cure and much of the southeast harbors the two mosquito types that carry Chikungunya. Educator yourself by reading the CDC reports that list the states that currently have reported cases.

During all this craziness, Haitians push forward. This is one of the reasons why I respect this culture so much. This is truly a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” kind of country. Everyone I know is pushing through with what they have to. The amazing part for me is that our members are doing screen printing jobs. Two long term community members, Luckenson and Christien, have just succeeded in hosting a three day film festival for the children in Lafond. Painting and drawing class, taught by Lee Rainboth is exploring figurative drawing with proportions and the development of hand/eye coordination. Lafalaise is teaching design in the screen printing program. They are working on lighting and movement.

So at the end of the day I am so proud of the team in Haiti and how they push through some of the most difficult circumstances. Please help support these motivated people and donate! Even twenty dollars makes a difference in our ability to continue moving forward.

Going South

The Friday night Cine Club is screening Vers Le Sud this week. This movie is set in Haiti in the late 70’s. It focuses on three middle-aged women escaping life by enjoying the sex trade in Haiti. Click here to read a review.

Jacmel Historic District

Found this great blog on Jacmel. It shares Jacmel’s history, culture and historic architecture.

Jacmel Historic District.

JE Screenprints at Multiples


Jakmel Ekspresyon, JE, has partnered with Multiples Art and Critical Craft Market in Chicago on March 15th and 16th. Multiples is the first market of its kind that is based on the concept that art and craft have been artificially separated and has gathered artists who traverse the borders between fine art and craft art. JE’s art from the screen printing program seeks to present art activism and social entrepreneurship, through multiples, that can raise the voice of the disenfranchised artist to the public realm and create change in local depressed economies.

Multiples has also made JE the beneficiary of the event. The suggested donation of $5 at the door will help support the center. So even if you just show up to check out any of the 60 amazing midwestern artists, you will be helping the artists in Jacmel.

If you are in Chicago this weekend come and visit us at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse,1419 W Blackhawk str. Walk away with a great screen print and the warm feeling of helping someone else. If you can’t make it this weekend you can still support the center by making a donation.