Making a Difference in 2014!

62617_540763099311063_645033609_nThis year we have had so many successes. We started a new job market in Jacmel and created nine job for our members. Some of these members have been with us since the beginning three years ago and are now experiencing the benefits of being apart of the center’s community. We have a full week of workshops run by motivated local artists. We are housing a Haitian disabled rights organization and a theater group. We have members running clubs such as a movie night.

These accomplishments will only grow in 2014 as we start to incorporate more professionalism and health classes. Now we need your help to continue in 2014. We are raising money for rent. Our building is our foundation and we need it to stay alive and continue to make a difference.

During this holiday season consider giving the gift that keeps giving. Even ten dollars gets us closer to our goal and helps our members advance their personal life goals.  Thank you!

One response to “Making a Difference in 2014!

  1. Reblogged this on The Community Talks and commented:
    This morning, Sue from Jakmel Ekspresyon wrote me to let me know of some of the recent successes the center has been having. Congratulations, JE!

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